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  1. Mindy Kittay says:

    Is there a meeting in December? If not, when is the next meeting?

  2. Jason Green says:

    I am purchasing a home in Altadena that is on Highview Ave, but is on a portion of it that is a private road. I am trying to figure out who maintains the private portion of the road, who do I call to find this out?

    Jason Green

    • William Malone says:

      Hi Jason,
      LA county keeps all the roads clear, clean and maintained.
      The following is my understanding, however, for conformation and for more thorough information you would need to go back to your Realtor or previous homeowner. Unlike public streets, private roads are on private property either all of the homes own an equal share and the property lines can go to the middle of the street or is an easement over someone else’s property. Therefore this because the responsibility of the property owner that the private road sits on or is used by. Think private driveway that you all share. The same way that the county doesn’t come onto anyone’s property to clean up their yard they also do not come onto anyone’s property to keep their driveway clean. The best place to get the information you need would be through your Realtor, it is there job to find these answers for you or to at least point you in the right direction. There are many of these private roads in Altadena, most of them leading to flag lots. From what I understand the property owners share the responsibility for cleaning, maintenance and repair whether they do this on a need to do bases or have some kind of fund set up is knowledge that only these residence will know. Maybe your new neighbors will be the best resource.

      Hope this helps and welcome to the neighborhood.


  3. Jane says:

    The website is no longer showing the calendar of events. Can someone fix this?

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