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Census Tract 4611 is the South central section of Altadena bordered on the west by Fair Oaks Avenue; by the Pasadena City limits on the south, and diagonally along Woodbury from Santa Rosa to Lake Avenue; by Lake Avenue on the east; and by Mariposa Street on the north.



I’m a proud graduate of Mayfield High School in Pasadena and Santa Clara University and have been an Altadena resident for 31 years. I retired after careers in merchandising and finance with major department stores and banks. The experience I gained in both these fields has helped me immensely as a Council Member.

When I first joined the Altadena Town Council, I was ignorant of the wonderful things that Altadena has to offer. Since then, I have discovered the parks, the magnificent library, shops, restaurants, artists in so many genres, and organizations that actually accomplish something. There’s a lot of wonderful in this town.

On joining the Council, I said that communication was at the top of my priority list. Nothing has changed since then. I pledge to continue to provide information on Town Council activities and other items of interest to the residents of Census Tract 4611 and to be as responsive as I can to their needs. 

Term Expires 2025
Phone: (626) 791-4656
Email: pat.sutherlen@altadenatowncouncil.org



Alan was born and raised in Washington, D.C. After graduating from public high school, I attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduating from the Wharton School of Business in 1976. Subsequently I’ve lived in Houston, TX, my father’s home. While there I managed my Uncle’s string of TV Repair shops, then did large system sales for AT&T. Finally, I went into business for myself, selling copiers, fax machines and PC systems, managing, playing keyboards, flute, saxophone and singing in my own band as well as other groups around town. After a short stint back home in DC, I moved to Los Angeles in 1988. I worked a few years developing and maintaining an inventory control system for a paper supplier, and then as an insurance examiner, before signing on with the City of LA in 1999. There, I’ve worked in Community Development and as a Procurement Analyst at the Airport where I was involved in extensive outreach to the local business community. While there, I earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills in 2015. I recently retired from the City of LA in August of 2020.

My wife, Jamelle, and I are also in business as AJ Peck Company. Under the dba Peck’s Preserves I cook and can seasonal preserves made from fruit from the trees in my back yard and those of my Altadena neighbors. Currently, I have Pomegranate Jelly, Guava Jam, Orange Supreme Marmalade, Tangerine Supreme Marmalade, Lemon Supreme Marmalade, and Grapefruit Supreme Marmalade (Persimmon Jam is currently out of stock). Under the dba Straight Dough Cookie Company my wife bakes and sells Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ walnuts, Straight Dough Cookies (Chocolate Chip Cookies w/o Chocolate Chips), Straight Dough w/pecans, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies. In my unbiased opinion they all taste great!

My avocation is music. I sing, play flute and piano, write, arrange, and teach. Currently, I play flute with Rhythms of the Village and am the musician and a vocalist for Greater Height Mission Bible Church in LA. In my spare time I enjoy hiking the trails of the Angeles forest, gardening, and when I can, indulging my favorite sport, sailing.

Term Expires 2024
Phone: (562) 655-8154
Email: alan.peck@altadenatowncouncil.org

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